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PART 1 - Say hello

Email us on or
call us on 07718 929 207

PART 2 - Let's meet

Let’s meet and chat about what we can do for you, come up with some ideas if needed, and make a plan for the filming.

PART 3 - Filming

We’ll work with you to make sure that everything is in place and that the shoot is fun and no fuss at all to you

PART 4 - Edit

Leave it to us. We’ll produce you an awesome piece (or several) for you to watch and approve

PART 5 - Delivery

We can upload directly to whatever platform you plan to post the content on, as well as sending the edited pieces for you to keep. If you’re not planning to share the pieces online, no worries – you can have them on DVD, Blu-Ray, memory stick, on your tablet… however you like

PART 6 - Make it work for you

If you’re using your piece or pieces for posts on social media for example, we can help you with ways to get the content seen and make it work for you. If YouTube is your thing, we can even manage your uploads and look after your channel for you so all you ever have to do is watch a video and approve it before it goes live

PART 7 - Let's plan the next one!


It all starts with an email...